Monday, 23 December 2019

5 Ways How Technology Has Changed the Jewelry Landscape

Technology is all around us- our smartphones, work and lifestyle are impacted by it. In the jewelry industry, cloud solutions and new e-commerce platforms have improved the trade and made it more exciting than ever.

Here are a few ways on how tech made a significant impact:


Lasers are primarily for decorating, welding and cutting but are now poised for new function in the world of jewelry. In terms of anti-theft and security, laser may be employed to carve micro ID markers on different gems.

3D Printing

3D printing, in line with computer aided design make for incredible detailing that could never be done before as well as faster production time and easier corrections. Some companies have taken 3D printing to the next level, employing materials such as copper, bronze, silver and brass to create breath-taking pieces.

Wearable Tech

The primary use of a jewelry is to accentuate an individual’s clothing and fashion. However, advances in wearables allow the user to get more than just an enhanced appearance. For example, smart bracelets, rings and necklaces have processors and can be connected to a device for notifications, receiving phone calls, tracking activities and more.

Shopping Experience

Traditional jewelry hunting usually entails a visit to a number of jewelry shops, which can be tedious and time-consuming especially for discerning individuals. Today, e-commerce brings those jewelry pieces straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone. The availability of wholesale ring orders or other types of accesory make it very convenient for those looking to buy in bulk. Moreover, some sites offer a 3D view, virtual reality and multi-angled photos. You can then have it shipped and delivered straight to your doorstep the next day.


Electroforming has made it possible for jewelry makers to fashion jewelry and accessories that are light but strong. Different electroforming will produce different effects, i.e., platinum electroforming will require a heated bath, while gold and silver require an electrolyte bath for the best results.

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